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Parent Teachers Association

     Parent Teachers Association is an integral part of the School Family. Ever since the commencement of PTA in March 1999 the School found PTA as a responsible body acting in coordination with the Railway Administration for the over all development of the School. Many innovative projects which were difficult to implement otherwise found its life and success with the initiative and visionary outlook of PTA.Currently K.G. Classes and Computer education are sponsored through P.T.A.

     PTA is a registered charitable trust(Reg. No.MAHA/610/03/THANE, F-12097) with Charity Commissioner, Thane District. The working committee under the Chairmanship of Principal, Central Railway School Kalyan meets at regular intervals and monitors its activities. P.T.A. Accounts are presented in working committee at regular intervals, internally audited,auunually audited complying statutory norms and published in School Magazine every year(Details of Audit Reports & ITR can be seen by clicking the link given on left). Shri. N. Haridasan AGS of NRMU and Member, Railway Educational Reforms Committee of Indian Railways is the Secretary of PTA.

PTA - President PTA - Secretary
Working Committee Members
01 Mr. N.E. Kochewad President
02 Mr. N. Haridasan Secretary
03 Mrs. Meenakshi Krishnan Teachers Nominee
04 Mr. Jacob Thomas Teachers Nominee
05 Mrs. N.A. Sawale Teachers Nominee
06 Mr. T.N. Rao Teachers Nominee
07 Mrs. Rajesh Tyagi Teachers Nominee
08 Mr. J.N. Patil Parents Nominee
09 Mrs. Neelam Sharma Parents Nominee
10 Mr. U.K. Nair Parents Nominee
11 Mrs. H.M. Chavan Parents Nominee
12 Mrs. Vijaya Kamble Parents Nominee
13 Mr. Rajan Singh Parents Nominee
14 Mr. Chandra Shekhar Naidu Parents Nominee
15 Mrs. S. Laxmi Kureel Parents Nominee
16 Mrs. Safia Shiekh Parents Nominee
17 Mr. Chandrakant Rama Parents Nominee
18 Sr. Welfare Inspector Dept Nominee
PTA meeting with Sr. DPO