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Hardware and Software

     We have the state-of-the-art computer hardware that can be coveted by any modern and innovative school imparting this kind of education. More than Seventy Computers ranging from Intel Celeron 400MHz & AMD Athelon XP 2600+ to Intel Pentium-II, Pentium-III & Pentium-IV 3GHz. IBM Server. We have an Edutainment Centre for the K.G. section with Ten Multimedia computers for the tiny tots to play and learn.

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     All computers are Multimedia with standard colour Monitors. Modern hardware like ZIP drive for external storage, Internal CD & DVD drives, CD Writer, Modems, Web Camera, Digital Camera, Video Camera, L.C.D. Projector, Camcorder, Cordless Keyboard & mouse, Scanner and Different types of Printers are available in our Computer Lab.

     The basic platform of operating system is Windows. There is one Primary Domain Server and one Secondary Domain Server working on Windows 2007 Server and Windows 2003 Server operating System. Other computers are connected on LAN to the Server on a 100 MBPS Switch, can work as stand alone as well as nodes of network. They have Windows 98, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows Vista/ XP & Linux as operating systems. Norton System Works & Anti Virus software along with Internet security suite is used to prevent problems arising from virus attacks and misuse of Internet.

     We have Microsoft Office 2000 Professional and Office XP Professional as our Office packages. Developer Tools like Visual Studio 6.0, Web Collection for Web designing are also available. Tally 7.2 Gold Multi-user Edition of Accounting Software is used to teach Senior students of Commerce. Award winning graphics software like Adobe Page Maker 7, Adobe Photoshop 7, Corel Draw 10, Graphic Suite & 11 are used for Desk Top Publishing applications.

     The Software packages are always updated keeping the industry standard in mind and we have the latest versions of all the above-mentioned packages. To meet Power failure we have 6 K.V.A U.P.S of A.P.C. brand that is totally software controlled.

     We keep the standards of industry and respect Intellectual Property Rights by using only authentic and licensed software, which are genuinely bought from time to time from company's authorized dealers.

     Computers are machines that require very good maintenance. We manage the maintenance on our own to the possible extent. Seeing the huge infrastructure and increased work of Coordinator in other schools of Central Railway P.T.A. has given the maintenance of Computer Centre on AMC from 2006 onwards. Our machines perform very well and they never collapsed during our regular working.P.T.A.has arranged for round the clock security arrangements to look after the security needs of School & Computer Lab after school hours.

List of Computers, Peripherals and Licensed Softwares
Item No./Qty
HP Compaq NX6120 Notebook 1
IBM Server- Pentium IV 2.8GHz,1GB/512 MB ECC RAM, SCSI HDD 2
Intel Pentium IV-2GHz Server 512 MB ECC RDRAM 2
Intel Pentium IV(3.06GHz) 512MB+1GB DDR2 RAM 30
Intel Pentium IV(2-2.5GHz) 256 MB RAM 14
Intel Pentium-III (1- 1.5 GHz)128 MB RAM 5
Intel CELERON (500 MHz- 2.5 GHz)128 MB RAM 9
Intel Pentium-II (.400 MHz)128 MB RAM 9
Computer Peripherals/Other Facilities
Item No./Qty
LCD Projector 2
Video Camera 1
Digital Camera 1
Web Camera 2
Scanner 1
HP Phot Smart 2600 MFD 1
HP Deskjet Printer 710C 1
HP Laser Printer 1005 1
Dot Matrix Printers 2
Modems (For Railnet and BSNL Broadband Internet Connections) 2
DVD drive 1
ZIP drive 1
Cordless Keyboard 2
Cordless mouse 2
U.P.S (2Nos 3K.V.A of A.P.C. brand+Microtek500VA) 12
Licensed Software
Operating System License
Windows 2003/2007 Server 2
Windows 2000 Server 1
Windows XP Prof/Home 2
Windows 2000 Professional 1
Windows NT 4.0 1
Windows 98 SE 1
Windows 95 1
Red Hat Linux 7.0 1
Database Management System
MS-SQL Server 7.0 1
MS-Access 2000 1
MS-Access 2002 1
Programming Languages
Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 1
Word Processing Package
MS-Office 2007/XP 2
MS-Office 2000 1
Akruti Publisher 1
Learning Management System (LMS)
National Geographic Collection Set of 15
Discovery School Series Set of 32
Navneet CBT (Xth All Subjects) 1 Set
Animation CBT (Science Middle Classes) 1 Set
Boston Animation CBT (Maths) 1 Set
Pentafour CBT (Programming Languages) 1 Set
ABC CBT (Programming Languages) 1 Set
Encyclopedia Britannica 1
Super Tutor (English Grammar) 1
Accounting Package
Tally 7.2 Network Version 1
Journals and Books
Compter Books 200+
Chip, Digit, Linux For You, Network Magazine, Better Photography, Express Computer and PC Quest Mothly Subscription
Anti Virus Software
Symantec System Works 1
DTP/Graphic/Web Design Software
Adobe Page Maker 7.0 & 6.5 2
Adobe PhotoShop CS/7.0 & 6.5 2
Corel Draw 10 & 11 & 12 Graphic Suite 2
Adobe Page Maker 7.0 & 6.5 1
Adobe AcrobatProf/5.0 2
Adobe Web Collection 1.0 1
Video Capturing/Editing Software
Pinnacle Studio 9.0 1
Software Developed in the Lab
Student Data Management System (SDMS)
Word Developing Games
Intranet Tutorials