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Computer Education Project

     We developed a self-financing system in such a way that the parents may pay the least amount of fees to get the best computer education. The P.T.A. decided to collect Rupees Thirty (Rs.30/-) per month from all students as fees in 1999 when fees in outside schools were Rs. 50-100 per month.

     We required around Five Lakhs Rupees to finance this project due to the high cost of computers in 1999. The P.T.A. decided to collect one-year fees as a lumpsum amount (Rs. 360/-), the total collection were about Rupees Three Lakh Eighty Five Thousand only. More than one lakh rupees remained as loan payable to suppliers of computer components. This loan was repaid from the fees collected by starting an evening computer course conducted after school hours by the teacher who took initiative to start this project.

     In year 2000 due to the need for further development and maintenance we decided to collect Rupees Ten per month from each student as per the decision of P.T.A. Working Committee.

     In year 2001 parents only came forward and motivated us to collect Rupees Twenty per month. They thought Rupees Ten is only peanuts and if you throw peanuts you will only get monkeys (though they knew that our project an exception to that philosophy).

     In year 2002 also we collected Rupees Twenty per month from each student.

     Other than this, every year on an average hundred students take new admissions in our school. They pay Rupees Five hundred per child as a computer development fund on admission and that year no further fees are charged from them.

     The Working Committee of the P.T.A. has invested the funds raised through fees for acquiring more computers and other machines useful for educating our students. As on date we have developed Twenty-Five modern computers using latest licensed software programmes. Besides this we have developed a Sinking Fund of more than Three Lakh Rupees to address any challenges arising from technological obsolescence.

     Money has never been a constraint in our growth and development even though the fees collected are very negligible we could give the best kind of education using the most modern computers and software.